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चीनी मिल में सत्र 2022-23 की पेराई शुरू हो गई है। सभी किसानों से अनुरोध है कि स्वच्छ गन्ना लेकर आएं।


I am delighted to put to you the website of Sugar Mills Palwal. On this happy occasion, I congratulate all, who are, one way or the other, however close or remote their association may be, associated with us. Ever since its establishment in the year 1980, the Palwal Sugar Mills is striving hard to gain prominence in the community of Sugar Mills. It has shown in the years gone by that in the Palwal area the cane farming can be done in a big way being in activity of profit to the farmers / cane growers and the mills as well. This could be made possible by achieving the targets of producing sugar of very good quality, color and quantity. At the same time, the efficiency in production through better sugar recovery, fresh and hygienic cane feeding has been achieved. The dedicated workers and mills’ management have spared no efforts in realising their dreams of putting the Palwal Sugar Mills at a respectable place in the map of Sugar Mills of this nation. I wish all success to the mills and all those who are closely connected with the mills.


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